Wednesday, October 11, 2017

RetroChallenge 2017/10: Part 4

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My NEC PC-8401s' LCD Module Faces Capacitor Issues

I'd noticed, well couldn't help noticing really that the PC-8401s' LCD screen would flicker, and every now again turn off unexpectedly after extended use. Over the last week the occurrences became more frequent. Interestingly or comfortingly the screen flickering has no effect on the Main Computer, everything stays resident, you can even continue typing while the screen is off. So what ever the problem? It is appeared localised to the LCD screen. Time to pry open the computer and see what's happening.

A quick look over the main board revealed nothing of immediate concern, though at some point I'll want to replace the NICAD backup battery and the 30 year old capacitors, thankfully though none of these components have been leaking. Semi confident the main board is okay it was time to crack open the LCD bezel, not the most convenient thing to do.

NEC PC-8401 Main Board

Unlike the main case the bezel is mostly held together with molded plastic clips, taking it apart took some considerable carefully spent time. Once off however it was immediately clear where the problem (hopefully the only problem) lay.

NEC PC-8401s' LCD Panel

We've got 2 exploded leaky electrolytic capacitors that need to be replacing, and while we're at it the other 10 should be swapped out for good measure. I guess considering the age of the computer this is not unexpected, all this is really part of the excitement of playing around with old hardware.

Some Picturesque Leaky Electrolytic Capacitors

Well then, before continuing any further it's of the the electronics supplier to procure some of these tiny caps, of which I have exactly none of in my parts draw.

As a quick aside the panel was manufactured by Epson.

Back view of the NEC PC-8401s' LCD Panel

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