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ZXIO V2 Experimenters Kit Out Now

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ZXIO V2 IO 8255A Experimenters Kit Parts

After working extensively on the ZXIO Blog series, I aimed to create a memory-mapped I/O board ideal for experimenting with ZX BASIC, as the ZX81 lacks the ability to use IRQ-mapped devices without resorting to machine code routines. The end result is the ZXIO V2, which is based on the use of an 8255A Programmable Peripheral Interface IC. 

Apparently, I wasn't the only one wishing for such a device. The blog series was extremely popular, and the demand for an easy-to-use I/O board for the ZX81 was high. After additional development and testing, I'm finally releasing the kit.

ZXIO V2 IO 8255A Experimenters Kit Complete
A Built ZX81 ZXIO V2 Experimenters Kit

What's in the Kit?

  • ZXIO V2 PCB and parts: The main component of the kit and brains of the operation.
  • ZX BUS Expander PCB and parts: A ZX81 BUS extension card, the ZXIO or other cards of similar design can be attached to this board.
  • ZX IO LED Board and parts: A unique expansion board designed to be mounted directly to the ZXIO V2 expansion headers. 
  • ZXIO Breakout Board and parts: Designed to be used in conjunction with a breadboard for experimentation and prototyping. (Breadboard not included). 
  • IDC ribbon Cable.
The kits contain everything needed to build the base ZXIO V2 board, including an LED board and a breakout board. All parts are brand new, with the exception of the 8255A IC, which is a reclaimed component. This decision was made to manage costs effectively; sourcing new versions of this IC would significantly increase the kit price, potentially doubling it.

Support and Future Projects

As with the ZX-Key Keyboard before, the ZXIO V2 has a dedicated support page where updates and detailed information about the device will be posted. This page will include comprehensive build instructions, troubleshooting tips, and other relevant details to assist users in assembling and using their kits.

After the initial release, I'm planning additional posts and new projects centred around the ZXIO V2 and its usage.

Where to get a Kit?

Kits will be available at Sell My Retro, at the time of writing priced at $98 USD plus shipping.

Hope all will enjoy building abd experimenting with this ZX81 kit, and I'd love to hear about experiments and / or even host some ideas on this site. Enjoy.

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