ZX81 Projects and Programs to Download

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Files and updates to any of my ZX81 related Software and Hardware projects documented in the main blog can be found here.

For specific AZ15 files see the AZ15 Project Files to Download page.

ZX81 Software

Tims Checkers

A belated homage to Tim Hartnell, one of the driving forces behind the early ZX81 scene and key founder of the ZX Computing magazine. 'Tims Checkers' is based around a board game challenge Tim set in an issue of ZX Computing back in October 1982.

Current Version

Blog Entries
ZX81 Draughts - Challenge Accepted 34 Years To Late
ZX81 Draughts Challenge - Part 2 - A Little Hi-Res
ZX81 Draughts Challenge - Part 3 - Tims Checkers

You Tube Review
The vernerable Villordsutch AKA Rod Bell goes head to head with Tims' Checkers.

Roman Numerals

A little Roman Numeral checker. Nothing complicated really just something you might find in a Magazine to type in back in the day. This was my first go at using the wonderful Z88dk C compiler to build ZX81 software.

Current Version

Blog Entry
The ZX81, Z88dk, Apps & Roman Numerals. 

ZX81 Hardware

ZeaMouse V2

A redesign of the original interface. This time around using a Arduino Pro Min and a Mini USB host shield. Just as for version one the device should work on any old 80s 8 bit computer. Project is designed to work with an Arduino Pro Min 3.3v and a Mini USB host shield.

To compile the ZeaMouse project a copy of the Circuits@Home Arduino USB Host Shield  library is also required. This is available from the Git Hub repository: https://github.com/felis/USB_Host_Shield

Current Firmware Version:

Older Firmware Versions:

Current Fritzing Hardware Files:

Blog Entry
ZeaMouse V2, USB Mice for the ZX81 & Spectrum Revisited: Part 1
ZeaMouse V2, USB Mice for the ZX81 & Spectrum Revisited: Part 2 (Coming Soon)

ZeaMouse  V1

An Arduino / AVR project adding a USB mouse to a ZXpand and ZXpand+ via the joystick port. The interface should work on just about any 80s Micro with a standard Atari joystick pin out (some mods may be required).

Current Version

Blog Entries
USB Mouse For The ZX81 And ZXpand (Part 1)
USB Mouse For The ZX81 And ZXpand (Part 2)


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