ZX Spectrum Project Files to Download

Files and updates to any of my ZX Spectrum related Software and Hardware projects documented in the main blog can be found here.

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ZX Spectrum Game: TuT-TuT 2020 Edition

TuT-TuT 2020 Edition Loading Screen
Purchase a Physical Copy:
The cassette version from Cronosoft

ZX Spectrum TuT-TuT 2020 Edition on Tape
ZX Spectrum TuT-TuT 2020 Edition on Tape Available from Cronosoft


ZeaMouse V2

A redesign of the original interface. This time around using a Arduino Pro Min and a Mini USB host shield. Just as for version one the device should work on any old 80s 8 bit computer. Project is designed to work with an Arduino Pro Min 3.3v and a Mini USB host shield.

To compile the ZeaMouse project a copy of the Circuits@Home Arduino USB Host Shield  library is also required. This is avaliable from the Git Hub repository: https://github.com/felis/USB_Host_Shield

Current Firmware Version:

Older Firmware Versions:

Current Fritzing Hardware Files:

Blog Entry
ZeaMouse V2, USB Mice for the ZX81 & Spectrum Revisited: Part 1
ZeaMouse V2, USB Mice for the ZX81 & Spectrum Revisited: Part 2 (Coming Soon)

Recreated ZX Spectrum Arduino / Leonardo & USB Host Shield 2.0 Sketches.

Preliminary Sketches are written to be used with an Arduino Leonardo and USB Host Shield,  however they should work without major modification on Pro Micro (3.3v)  Arduino boards. 

Curent Version
Some fixes applied due to changes in the Arduino library since the original article. The keyboard libraries now need to be included, and a number of keycodes required changing.


  1. Would like to know if you have an sd card reader for a trs80-mc10

  2. Hi David!

    We have written a review for Tututu ZX81 for our upcoming book Enciclopedia Homebrew 3 and alongside with the review we include a text from the authors, so could you please send me a 30 words text about the game? You can write anything you want, like technical stuff, anecqdotes, development info, etc 🙂

    Many thanks!