Sunday, October 02, 2016

Arduino Liberates the Recreated ZX Spectrum

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Following on from the previous posts, in some free time this week, I butchered my ZX81 / AZ15 Arduino keyboard sketch libraries, sliced in some code for a USB host shield and beat an Arduino Leonardo into submission. The end result a fully working Recreated ZX Spectrum keyboard.

As talked about previously, the Recreated Spectrum has two keyboard modes, one for PS2 functionality and one for Emulation. The odd thing here being that in Emulation mode, the Recreated Spectrum is not compatible with the vast majority of Spectrum Emulators (at least at the time of writing). Disregarding this; Emulation or Mode 'A' as it is labeled, is the easiest to target for any external hardware solution used in remapping the Recreated Spectrum's keys in order to provide a Normal Spectrum Emulator experiance. See the previous post for a deeper explanation.

Emulation mode was quite straightforward in it's implementation, being that all keys are registered when pressed or released, if in a slightly odd way. It was a simple matter of matching the codes the Recreated Spectrum passed out on each of these events with the actual keys.

Once Mode 'A' was covered, it was time to move onto Normal / PS2 mode (Mode 'B'). Normally to enter either Mode 'A' or Mode 'B', a slider switch on the keyboard needs to be placed in the correct position. I decided that if using an external device to do the decoding, this mechanism would become problematic. Having already decoded Mode 'A' for usage, adding a simple keyboard selection would be simpler way to manage switching into Mode 'B' or vice versa. As a result, Mode 'A' is permanently set to on, at the back of the Recreated Spectrum, "CAPS SHIFT" + "SYMBOL SHIFT" + "ENTER" now changes modes on the external Arduino Leonardo based solution.

All key-mappings as described in the Recreated Spectrum's manual and Cheat Card remain the same, with the exception of the Windows, and Print Screen Keys which have been left unmapped at this stage.

While I've used a Leonardo and full sized USB host shield initially, there is no reason why a Pro Micro and mini USB host adapter could not be used to do the same thing. In fact one of the next steps could well be to do just that, along with mating the whole arrangement with a Raspberry Pi in a custom Sinclair inspired case.

For those that feel like a little experimentation, feel free to mess around with some hot of the presses Recreated ZX Spectrum Arduino Sketches. I'll be making changes regularly and the latest changes will be on the 'Recreated Spectrum Project Files to Download' page.

Also, make sure you download and install the Arduino USB_Host_Shield_2.0 libraries from Github before compliling the Recreated Spectrum Project Files.

Keyboard in Action

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