Wednesday, September 30, 2015

PCB Mounted and Ready to Go

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I haven't found a lot of time over the past couple of weeks, still I have managed to finish off the PCB and furnish it with components.

Assembled keyboard interface, with mounted LeoStick
The LeoStick is mounted on some pin headers, leaving height enough for a USB cable to be attached once the PCB is mounted in a case alongside a Raspberry Pi.

Underneath the LeoStick there is also space for a couple of resistors. The LEDs and a Momentary switch are attached to some more headers via some wires, and these will be mounted into the eventual case at convenient locations.

I ended up ordering some Molex connectors suitable for mounting a standard ZX81 membrane keyboard. The ZX8-KDLX I procured earlier is designed to quite happily plug into a ZX81 as a replacement keyboard. Using the Molex connectors rather than say IDC connectors, as could have easily been done, leaves options open if I ever decide to fully embrace the retro and go all membraney.

So now it's on to some case designing, as well as going back and reworking of the Arduino Sketches.

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