Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Little Case With a Name

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It's taken longer than I'd have liked, yet the case design is nearing completion. A couple more days and some oddly grabbed hours should see the final design ready for 3d printing at Shapeways.

The Computer finally has a name of sorts, AZ15, it's a little bit referential, and a little bit obscure. In line with the original ZX81, the naming convention is drawn from the CPU name, a futuristic sounding second letter and the year of (very limited) release.
  • A: Standing for the CPU names at the heart of both the Raspberry Pi2 and the Leostick, the ARMv7 and ATmega32U4 respectively.
  • Z: The futuristiclly optimistic last letter of the alphabet, which is also referential to the Z in ZX81
  • 15: The year of very limited release.

Concept Art for the (amazing) AZ15

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