Sunday, August 15, 2021

Tut-Tut on the Commodore PET

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For a game that started out as type-in program for Paleotronic Magazine, Tut-Tut has received a load of love. I'm constantly surprised at Tuts success throughout all the versions I and others have released. 

The various Spectrum versions feature in YouTube videos, the ZX81 version made the review pages of Retro Gamer, George Becketts' Jupiter Ace port has become quite the hit in Forth Circles and the original type in version even made it to the TRS-80 MC-10 courtesy of Jim Gerrie. Yes for a game that I wrote initially to prove Sinclair BASIC games didn't have to be a slow boring mess, Tut-Tut found it's mummified legs and ran with them.

All of which brings us around to the latest port, Dave Currans' 2021 Commodore PET release of Tut-Tut.  

Pharaohs' 6502 Tomb of PETs

Ostensibly the PET port is based on the source code from the ZX81 version of the game. Considering the graphical limitations of Commodores first line of computers, the ZX81 version provides the perfect starting point.  Of course the source code is only the beginning, there are many challenges in transposing  games from system to system. 

Dave has done a brilliant job of porting and preserving the overall feeling of the game. Game play is smooth and crisp, and you certainly don't ever feel cheated when caught out by Pharaohs' treasure guardians.

Tut-Tut on the Commodore Pet

In the PETs favour, the limited music and sound effects from the Spectrum and Ace versions have been incorporated, along with the ability to pause the game. All features that lend to your immersion into the game world. (Why I forgot to include 'pause' in the ZX81 release I've been meaning to ask myself for ages.)

I'm not going to dive any deeper into reviewing the game, I feel that's best left to others, after all I've got quite a stake in this title in general. What I will say however is that PET Tut-Tut is every bit Tut-Tut, and if you've enjoyed the other varieties then you're sure to love this one as well.

The game is now available from The Future was 8bit on Cassette as part of their £4.99 range or digitally at I strongly recommend loading up ASAP, Pharaohs' treasures await.

One again, great Job Dave!

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