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Tut-Tut: Egyptomania the RC2014 Way

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Sheila Dixon unwraps a spooktacular new version of Tut-Tut, the modern Retro classic, playfully bringing 'Egyptomania' to the premier home-built computer of the modern Retro era, the RC2014.

Tut-Tut Level Ruby Rhod playing on the RC2014
Tut-Tut Level Ruby Rhod playing on the RC2014

What's New is Old when Tomb Raiding

Why let the ancient microcomputers of the Pharaohs have all the fun when there are splendidly modern Z80 machines ready to embark on the Tut-Tut adventure. With the RC2014 debut, Sheila has seamlessly amalgamated elements from diverse game versions, infusing captivating sonic enhancements that add an extra layer of discovery.

Part of the discovery may entail constructing your own RC2014 and then crafting a suitable video card for this petite computer, either a TMS9918A video module designed for RC2014 or a TMSEMU graphics card designed for RC2014, required as notably a base RC2014 kit only provides serial out.

The TMS9918A video IC was a fixture in numerous 80s home computers, including MSX1, so fittingly a touch of ancient technology is required to play the new RC2014 version of Tut. The TMS9918A brings a very vibrant palette to the game, remenicant of the ZX Spectrum, yet with it's own unique touches and a level of colour variety that puts the Sinclair to shame, delivering a new visulal experiance to the all the levels.

Screen Shot of a Screen of a Level of Tut-Tut RC2014
Screen Shot of a Screen of a Level of Tut-Tut RC2014

Talking about levels, this edition incorporates both the freshest additions and timeless classics from the Vic20 release. What might not be immediately apparent is that, for the most part, they are constructed using the ZX81 level definitions. This peels back a layer of the game, restoring a slightly more claustrophobic ambience and an oddly menacing urgency to escape each tomb. Just like in the Vic20 release, level codes are provided, so you need not remained encased in a failed level forever however. 

One of the most exciting additions to the RC2014 version is the audio overhaul. Sheila has added a new score and sound effects thanks to an optional requirement of an AY sound module. (Another fun addition to the RC2014 to build). Perhaps the best way to judge is to hear and see the game in action in a short clip taken during the games deveopment.

In short, the RC2014 proves to be an outstanding addition to the Tut-Tut lineup, coupled with the added bonus of running the game on a system you've constructed yourself.

You can dig up a copy of Tut-Tut RC2014 over at Itch IO, and don't forget to check out all the other versions of the games listed below.

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