Saturday, June 30, 2018

A DIY ZX81 Keyboard Period Document

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Are Looking to build an external ZX81 or Timex 1000 keyboard? Then I have just the 1982(ish) document to get you on your way.

As part of a recent Ebay acquisition of some ZX81 related books I received an additional surprise. Included in the parcel was a rather good period document from the company 'Mule Electronics' which outlines how to attach and build an external keyboard for a Timex 1000/ZX81. As far as I can tell the text originates from the USA, unfortunately there is no further indication of the Companies address or the exact date the document was produced.

Converting Your Sinclair Keyboard: Loose leaf pages from a great little text.
The document 'Converting Your Sinclair Keyboard' provides some still very useful information on exactly how the ZX81s keyboard works and what to look for when building your own external keyboard modifications. Certainly worth a read in conjunction with the other documents out there on the subject.

The documents to good not to share and as such I've uploaded the complete text to the Internet Archive  so go and grab a copy before starting that keyboard project.

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